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Never Enough Time

“And still I believe you will come, Lord: you will”

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The Clearing

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To Live Close to the Bone

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Here is Your Permission

Loving like loaves and fishes

We Were Made For Repair

Finding Hope Between the Brambles

Mine. Yours. Anyone’s.

Prayer + Work: What Works Now?

Why We Need To Sing A New Song

A Mood for May

The 4 Waves of Calling

Why it’s impossible to practice resurrection

Easter Goodness for You

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Become the Branches

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On the Edge of the Holiest Week

The Hour that Tells the Truth

The Ultimate Lent & Easter Book List

Forty Days to Find Our Way (Not to Win)

A Time to Read, A Time to Rest

When Ashes are Everywhere

To Give, To Pray, To Read

I Am Not The Hero

The Long/Short Road to Lent

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The Work

Join Me In France!

On Courage, Quiet, and Coping with Now

Renew: An Evening of Prayer for Everyone Who’s Exhausted

The Injustice of Just

Create, Pray, Love

Beloved. Be loved.

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