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I’m Laura Kelly Fanucci. Mother, writer, wonderer.

I write and speak about theology, parenting, calling, and grief. The Holy Labor is my newsletter on work + family, faith + writing.

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The Holy Labor gathers reflections and resources to lift up what is holy about your work—at home, in your workplace, with your family, in your community.

In each newsletter I offer a short essay, gather my favorite reads (intriguing articles, thoughtful prayers, and fresh poetry), and invite you to see your own life and work in holy light.

About the author

Laura Kelly Fanucci is a writer and speaker who has spent over a decade working on theology of vocation. She earned her Master of Divinity from Saint John's School of Theology and her BA from the University of Notre Dame. 

Laura is an award-winning columnist for Catholic News Service, and her nationally syndicated “Faith at Home” column runs monthly in newspapers across the U.S. Her writing has been featured on NPR’s Morning Edition, On Being, and the Christian Century, and in popular outlets including People Magazine and the Kelly Clarkson Show.

Laura has authored seven books, including Everyday Sacrament: The Messy Grace of Parenting. She and her husband are raising five children.

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